Our Trainers

Regional Representative West, Mumbai

Apeksha Chowdary

A Commerce graduate from Mumbai and a Waldorf trained teacher for 12 years.
In addition to teaching she has over 10 years of Waldorf teacher training experience. Presently, she heads the Pre-Primary Division at Inodai Waldorf School, Mumbai, oversees the handwork for the Grade school and also conducts the kindergarten teacher training at CSETT, Mumbai.
She has been travelling across the country for trainings and also mentoring new Waldorf initiatives.

Regional Representative South, Bangalore

Latha Madhusudan

Started her career as a Kindergarten and Primary school teacher in the year 1990; working overseas and in India. She has continued in the teaching profession as a teacher, consultant and as a teacher trainer for Early Childhood Education.
The journey into Waldorf Education commenced in 2006, leading to the founding of Prakriti, a Waldorf Kindergarten, in the year 2009.
She has also been conducting Waldorf Early Childhood teacher training and Waldorf craft training in Bangalore and the Southern Region. And has co-founded Bangalore Steiner School in 2011 and Advaya Shaale in 2015.

Regional Representative South, Bangalore

Jyotsna Mandana

She began teaching in 1993 and has taught in both mainstream and alternative schools. She met Waldorf Education in 2005 and converted her mother’s existing 17-year-old kindergarten, Promise Centre to Waldorf by 2008.
Her search for an alternative education system for her own children led her to co-found Bangalore Steiner School in 2010. In 2015, she helped co-found Advaya Shaale, a Waldorf inspired grade school in Bangalore.
She conducts Early Childhood Education Waldorf training for both parents and potential teachers as well as black board drawing workshops for primary Waldorf schools in India.

India and Regional Representative North, Mumbai

Sucheta Garud

Waldorf kindergarten teaching experience in Abhaya Waldorf school from 2003 to 2010. She has been a trainer since 2010. Has facilitated IPMT kindergarten group for 6 years, RSTTH for one year in Sloka School Hyderabad and co-facilitated Khandala seminar for 7 years.
Sucheta helped set up and worked closely with Rainbow Bridge Kindergarten Navi Mumbai for 3 years. She is also a teacher trainer for the Waldorf Early Childhood Education Foundation course through Sadhana, at Rainbow Bridge, for the past 4 years.
She has been actively training and holding workshops for Waldorf and introductory seminars for non-Waldorf schools across India for the past 8 years. She is a representative for Indian Waldorf kindergartens on the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education.

Coordinator - Administration & Finance, Mumbai

Preeti Misra

A Commerce graduate from Mumbai and a post graduate in NGO Management from Ahmedabad, started her work with young children through founding Rainbow Bridge, a Waldorf Early Child Care Centre in 2011 in Belapur, Navi Mumbai.
She is an active member in the Anthroposophical circle and has been closely involved in the organising and management of various national Anthroposophical conferences and workshops.
Being a Simplicity Family Life Coach, Preeti has been guiding families through talks, workshops and one on one sessions. She is also a Teacher Trainer at the Foundation Course through Sadhana that is conducted in Rainbow Bridge, Navi Mumbai.