Level 2 – Waldorf Early Childhood Education Teacher Training

The Level 2 Training modules are working towards the completions of topics laid down as guidelines by the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE).

For easy reference please check these

Considering the April training week and the Conference week in December we shall in 2 to 3 years time period be in a position to complete all topics and the number of training hours listed in the IASWECE guidelines.

At the end of completion of all topics and training hours in accordance to the IASWECE guidelines through the Foundation Course, April Training week and the National Conference the participants shall get a Final Certificate recognized by both Sadhana our Indian Association and IASWECE our International Association.


Who can join:

  • Working Teachers in Waldorf and Waldorf inspired Schools/kindergartens with more than 175 training hours of Waldorf Early Childhood Education
  • Working waldorf kindergarten teachers with 3 years plus of classroom teaching experience
  • Participants completed / undergoing Foundation course training in India

Further Details about the training will be shared shortly

Contact Person

(For registrations and any query)
Preeti Misra +91 9819984795